951. Simon Adahl “I’m In Touch”

951. Simon Adahl “I’m in Touch”

Refude Records


I had just started working for Maranatha Village and the sales representative for the Benson Group came in with pre-release cassettes of two members of Edin Adahl; Bertil Edin and Simon Adahl. Given that I was a huge fan of the first two Edin Adahl records (Alibi and X-Factor), I was excited with a tinge of sadness. Over the years I had seen so many solo albums from band members that signaled the end of the band I loved so much.

Fortunately, this was not the case.

While Bertil Edin’s, “Cross the Border” was a much more decided rock effort, Simon Adahl’s encapsulated much the European pop and new wave at the time. More keyboard driven melodies and drum machine enhanced dance pop, “I’m in Touch” became a regular in my personal rotation and several cuts made their way onto KYMS radio. 

That Wham! Oriented dance pop that showed up on X-Factor also appears here to open up the project. “Unknown Identity” appears to address the mystery of the Holy Spirit. It’s very infectious and fun pop melody that immediately sparked sales when I would play it instore. 

“Too Many Shadows” follows in the same vein. One of the unique things about Edin Adahl was how each of the four members had such radically diverse musical influences. With the solo album, Simon Adahl was liberated to really focus on his particular vision. 

There are times on the project when Adahl would show a more new wave/alternative edge closer o OMD, Pet Shop Boys, Tears for Fears, etc. “Carousel” would most likely fall into that category. Same for “Too Many Wise Men.” 

The most experimental song, “MTV,” also ends up being the least successful. I remember loving it initially, but repeated listens does cause it to wear a little thin. This is almost a Falco, M, type “rapped” song. But it does have a great sax solo! The same could be said for the “talkie” song, “Hello.”

The title track returns to the more Euro new wave sound that would have fit quite nicely on the Alibi or X-Factor project. 

“You My Friend” closes the album a truly great performance. The most innovative and creative track on the project, the song would have fit quite nicely on alternative radio at the time. There is an aggressive tone and it features some of Adahl’s most passionate vocals. 

For a more in depth look at the album and the artist, please check out the “Legacy” podcast Simon appeared on all the way from Sweden. 

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